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Where are the Soaps made?
Our soaps are made locally using both imported and locally made ingredients
Are they sustainable?
All our ingredients are are produced and procured sustainably to minimise our ecological footprint
What are the Soaps made of?
We have 2 mainstream varieties of soap. Those stamped with GOAT'S MILK have a base of goat's milk that is farmed in Gippsland and processed in Melbourne. Those stamped WITH SHEA BUTTER have an organic shea butter base. We use botanical pigments for color and essential and fragrant oils for fragrance. We use NO sodium laurel sulphate (SLS) parabens or petroleum products. There is ABSOLUTELY NO TESTING ON ANIMALS!!
How long does it take to receive my orders?
All orders are processed within 24-48 hours. Parcel post can take between 3-5 days depending on area it's sent to. All parcels are tracked via Australia Post
Do you offer bulk discounts on the soaps?
We have a bulk buy of 65 bars $280. This works out at a 15% discount We have a 3 tiered system. Up to 15 is a flat $15 rate. Any order over this will be freight free. Bulk boxes of 65 at $280 freight free gives you a further 15% discount per bar
What are the candles made of?
All our candles are made from the highest grade soy wax and cotton wicks. We only use premium fragrance oil manufactured in Australia designed specifically for use in soy wax candles
How should I care for my candle to get the most out of it?
When burning a candle always the wax pool to reach the jar edge to prevent tunnelling and maximise total burning time. Extinguish the wick rather than blowing out to prevent black smoke and soot. Before relighting trim the wick to 5mm. Make sure any residual soot is wiped away from inside the jar walls. MOST IMPORTANTLY: DO NOT BURN YOUR CANDLE FOR MORE THAN THE RECOMMENDED TIME OF 2-3 hours!! Burning a candle for extended periods created too much heat and may cause your jar to shatter from intense heat
Delivery is free for all orders over $99. Orders under this amount have a flat rate standard shipping fee of $15. To ensure the highest quality and reliability of the products you have purchased we photograph all orders prior to being despatched and ensure we have tracking to know where you order is en route
Can I make a candle custom order ?
Custom orders can be made but as this is a handmade product reasonable time must be given for production
Do you wholesale?
Yes we do. Contact via email for further details
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