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SoapOrders offers a speciality range of beautifully fragranced Soaps and hand poured candles.
Our range extends to over 40 varieties of soaps and designed candles, with new products being added regularly.

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Soap Orders - Luxury Soaps and Candles

And it’s already 2020

This year sees the new addition of soap varieties and a new candle range. We are releasing sandalwood with goat’s milk, patchouli with goat’s milk and charcoal with mint and goat’s milk. These will all be available shortly.
The candle range has increased with the introduction of our DALMATIAN RANGE. These come in 2 sizes: 380 gm medium and 1kg large for the serious candle lover. If you can’t see the fragrance you like, just pop us an email and we will help. These jars are unique. Each one is made individually with different spots, just like real dalmations. No 2 will be the same. We love them. Hope you do too

Smashed it out of the park!

Every year for the last I don’t know maybe 18 years we’ve done a mail/email out before Xmas. As things have changed with technology and keeping up with the times it is all email. Last Sunday night my wonderful entrepreneurial daughter (2 businesses because 1 is not enough) jumped on my bed with me and sorted out the last email (between watching the Block auctions of course). I don’t know what she did as I’m a computer dinasaur. But, we got smashed out of the park! I have spent the entire week wrapping and making and driving to the post office. All I can say is THANKYOU. Thankyou for supporting a small business. Thankyou for supporting Australian made. Thankyou for supporting handmade. Thankyou for supporting ME so I can continue to hit the road all over this amazing but often difficult country and bring simple, natural products to all of you.
Please keep ordering for Xmas. Candle cutoff will be Friday December 13th to allow time for shipping.

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Soap Orders - Luxury Soaps and Candles is an Australian owned business selling an Australian made product and has been doing so for over twenty years, selling directly through Regional Field Days, Flower Shows and Craft Fairs.


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