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I am an Australian mother with three grown-up children. After working as a Primary school teacher, I moved on to a catering business, then ventured into creating my own ceramic pieces which quickly evolved. The next phase of my business life developed into growing my range to homewares, candles and soap.

Markets and major national events like AGFest and Canberra Handmade have been the backbone of my business since 1993. That is how I built my SoapOrders business. Customers and Groupies would come back year after year and stock up on our much-loved soaps.

Around 5 years ago, the business expanded beyond soap to include candles, spa soakers, fragrance diffusers. The range of soaps is always developing and new ideas are always added into the mix. I really enjoy my customers’ reactions when a new fragrance is released. New soaps are released yearly and new fragrances are continuously being tested. Our Luxe Jar Candles have become a signature SoapOrders must have and ensure your interior design stays on-trend.

If you have seen me at the markets you would remember my BIG black glasses. They have become synonymous with my business. Once I even changed my glasses colour and my customers couldn’t recognise me – I reverted back pretty quickly.

SoapOrders started off as a passion project that evolved into a full-blown online business which I am so grateful for every day. My ability to share high-quality products that are locally made means the world to me and I am blessed to be able to share this with you!

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